iFLYER Web App for iPhone and Android


2.0 introduces a new and improved engine which greatly improves the performance and overall experience of the webapp. It also supports Andriod 2.2+. Thanks to all of the people who helped us out with testing on Andriod. Features and enhancements include:

- Andriod 2.2 support
- Videos
- Performance improvements
- Integrated newsfeed
- Improved User Interface
- Quicker access to coupons

If you have already the app simply tap on it and it will upgrade itself. If you don't have it yet open iflyer.tv in Safari and follow the instructions. For Android devices, please use the default browser and navigate to iFLYER.tv. Please allow some time for the application to complete downloading. We recommend a Wi-Fi connection as it may take some time over 3G.

iPhone: Works best on iOS 4.x. It will still run on 3G models but it's a bit slower.
Andriod: Please use 2.2 or greater. We have done testing on the HTC Desire and Galaxy S.


Tell iFLYER to remember where you are and what kinds of music you like... or don't like.

Best Event Pages

Get detailed information about the event, full-sized flyers images, coupons, guest lists and artist profiles. The map shows you where you are right now in relation to the venue. Bookmark all of this into your myFLYER for easy access on the move.


Find out what events are happing around you right now! Never miss an event in your area that you didn't know about again.


Use myFLYER to bookmark events, venues and artists that you are interested in. With one-tap access to your myFLYER, you can see everything going on at your favorite venues, all in one simple list.

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