Set Report AMFM 308

Another legendary club that closed down too soon in 2015, Vessel was a beautifully designed club in the middle of San Francisco, with a top notch sound system. I always loved to play there, especially open to close sets. This one here is 5 hours long and from February 2015 and today´s show features the fourth hour of the set. The interesting thing with Vessel was, that it was not a “pure” techno club, actually just a few techno nights were on in this place and I guess, I was always among the most “underground” DJs to play there. I love those kind of challenges, to get a crowd going that is not only there to hear you, but also filled with people who might have never heard this kind of music before, let alone knew who I was. This is why this set is for some of you maybe all over the place and a little more tamed down, but as far as I remember, that night was quite a belter :) People were always up for a good party in there, no matter what the musical direction. In case you are also looking for some more recent techno, check out my Mixcloud Select channel. I upload mastered audio versions of my #alonetogether DJ Live streams there, nicely fitted to be downloaded on your phone even. Just find me on Mixcloud and follow the white rabbit. Have a good week everyone!

Chris Liebing - Tracklist AM/FM 308

t2xs - 103-B
Pfirter, Liebing - 420_2013_Mix_3
Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - 50WEAPONS
Flug - Sincrodestino
Hans Bouffmyhre - Demon Within (Pfirter) - Perc Trax
Luis Flores - deProgram
Roman Poncet , Radio slave - CIRCLE_MASTERED
Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz (Steve Rachmad's Jack Mix) - Rekids
Flug - Airbag
Mikael Jonasson - Quatar (Audio Injection Remix) - Ground Factory Records
Luis Flores - Program
Dorian_Knox SSR004_-_Lost_Signal_(Black_Asteroid_Remix)
Black Asteroid - Freeze_mix_4_no_bassline
Flug - Dump (Original Mix) - Sleaze Records
Mark Broom - J14_Test_master
Motor - The Knife (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
Edit Select - Edit Beck Track