Set Report AMFM 273

Listen here to the third hour of my 10h set that I played for my birthday in 2014 at the legendary Output Club in Brooklyn.

How I miss DJing in clubs, in front of all of you and how I miss Output Club and those special all night long nights that I usually did in December around my birthday. This set, which you will get hour by hour on a weekly basis now here on AMFM was one of the longer ones. Output had a very strict no picture policy, so there is no footage from inside the club, I only found one blurry picture from my birthday cake. I started at 11 pm as far as I remember and according to my recording I ended at 9 in the morning. Output was such a special place with an amazing sound system and DJ booth, it was always such a pleasure playing there. You always take things for granted as long as you have them. Output Club had to close down end of 2018. I was very sad then and somehow I am even more now, as these days seem so long ago and I have no idea when I get to do something similar again in NYC. I miss it. I miss the city and its people. I have always had a great relationship with NYC since I started to play there in the late 90’s for the legendary Monday nights at Sullivan Bar, organised by @christiansmith. Time goes by so fast, if we don’t learn to appreciate the moment more, it will all just become a faint memory. Stay healthy everyone and I really hope I will get to see you all on some dancefloor again. Until then, enjoy my 10h Output marathon and if you want more, check out my Mixcloud Select page for way more music, as well as classic CLR Podcasts, downloadable and all involved artists are getting their fair share! Thank you for tuning in. Remember the track list is a rough list, all tracks are on there, but I have no clue in what order, sorry.

Chris Liebing - Tracklist AM/FM 273

HD Substance - Futurama - Original Mix
Andre Kronert - Stamina
Dustin Zahn - New Day Rising
Anthony Collins - Lie To Me feat. Big Willy
Iron Curtis A. - Never Give Up (Eddie Niguel remix)
Dangeli - Terranova Riot Recordings
Rødhead - Red Rider (Original Mix) - Reda Recordings
Traumer - Flume (Original Mix) - Herzblut Recordings
Rødhead - Dancing Wisdom (Original Mix) - Reda Recordings
levon vincent - solem days
Roberto - The Land Of The Midnight Sun - Affin 093
Alessan Main - Negative (Original Mix) - Refluxed Records
Möd3rn - MD3RN03_1__-_Mö8
Dustin Zahn - Forward unto Dawn (Original Mix) - Sleaze Records
Mr. G - Pass It Around (Original Mix) - Phoenix G