Dubstepプロデューサー RUSKOがポッドキャストを開始しました。「STIRFRY」と名付け、第1エピソードは世界中からのベース・ミュージックを紹介する2時間ミックスです。AraabMUZIK, Ratatat, Wiley, Rusie, Squarepusher, 等幅広いタイプのアーティストがフィーチャーされています。このミックスは彼のサイトより「いいね」あるいは「ツイート」して、ダウンロードできますので、気に入った方はどうぞ。

“I Love You” by Araabmuzik
“The Celebrity” by United Acid Emirates
“Expansion Ratio” by Reso
“Attack” by Predator
“Your Style” by Lenno
“Club Cats” by Dirty Honkers
“Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” by Phonat
“Accordé Don” by Débruit
“With You” by Bestrack
“Frisky Frilly Fruits” by Jean Jacques Perrey
“4 Me” by Cassette Club
“Boom Blast (Sticky Remix Instrumental)” by Wiley
“I Might Be (MJ Cole Remix)” by Todd Edwards
“Cybernetic” by Grum
“Like A Player” by Lorenz Rhode
“Crazy In Love” by Swing Republic
“Marvelous” by Oh Shit! & Galactik Knights
“Mudwheel” by Pitchben
“Decompression Activated” by Dogg Master & Busta Brown
“Bollyhouse” by Minimow
“Swagger” by Mocean Worker
“Golden Super” by Jan Driver
“You Make Me Happy” by Chris Joss
“Red Knob” by Siriusmo
“Neckbrace” by Ratatat
“No Diggity (Minimatic Remix)” by Minimatic
“West Coast Geez” (?) by — [Rusko remix of something?]
“After Light” by Rustie ft. AlunaGeorge
“Angel Integer” by Squarepusher
“Tintin” by David Sanborn