Spectra Sonics collaboration mini album - "Hoppies" Grasshopper Recs​
RELEASE DATE :: 09th December 2019
Track 01 Spectra Sonics with DJ Hatta - Hoppy88
Track 02 Spectra Sonics vs. Cylon​ - Magic Shot
Track 03. Spectra Sonics vs. Groovebox​ - Wind Shadows
Track 04. Spectra Sonics With Dj IRY - Endless Gravity
Track 05. Spectra Sonics vs. Prohecht​ - Blessed Rain
Track 06. Spectra Sonics vs. Mirok​ - Fly Away
Track 07. Spectra Sonics with DJ Taku - Knocking the Garden

Mastering by Domestic Mastering Studios​
Art work by DJ IRY / Grasshopper Records

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Hoppies is the latest 7 track collaboration album by Spectra Sonics, made in Japan with all the Grasshopper artists and DJs, who live close by. The 7 smashing collaborations are with Hatta, Cylon, Groovebox, DJ Iry, Prohecht, Mirok and DJ Taku. Hoppies will take you through an experience of the latest in Japanese psychedelic trance, displaying the many flavours of the labels sound with each artist. Nothing but total blast made in Japan...You will love it long time!

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