Founded 2006 in Tokyo, iFLYER is Asia's biggest source for music news, festival, club and concert information.

Our event database is managed by thousands of industry professionals who rigorously maintain their own content, keeping iFLYER fresh and accurate. This content is then shared with hundreds of other apps and websites through our API. 

That's a whole lot of information, which can make it hard to find things. Tapping the hearts of the artists, events and venues you like will teach iFLYER what's important to you, and adjust your experience to fit your personal taste.

If you are a music industry professional, you can put your information on iFLYER by signing up to iFLYER APEX. We provide this service for free, and generate income by selling tickets and media promotions. Feel free to contact us and learn more.


iFLYER's is managed by a devoted, international team that is passionate about music and technology. We work closely with organisers, venues, artists, labels and agencies to innovate business critical technologies and improve the industry as a whole.

Interesting in working here? iFLYER is hiring for our Tokyo office.​