If you guys are looking for something to do during the upcoming 3-day weekend, we recommend you go check out Wolfgang Gartner who is playing at Sound Museum Vision 2/10. Grammy nominated house music producer and DJ is not your typical EDM DJ and he's recently released a mix to prove this point.

This hour long mix features the best of 90s dance music is funky and groovy. It's also a free download so head on over here to pick it up.

Just for some laughs, here is a post on his official facebook page:

"5 things you will never see me do during a DJ set:

1) play Gangnam style
2) stand on a table and yell into a microphone
3) make heart hands at the crowd (if y'all wanna make heart hands do your thing)
4) play the same songs every other DJ is playing
5) throw things at you. unless you throw them at me first."