"SOULECTION" is a group of music creators, a label, and a radio program based in Los Angeles.

They specialize in combining a base of current beat music: Bass Music, Trap, Juke, Footwork, Hip Hop, House and tastefully mixing it with old-school Soul, R&B, and Jazz to create a style that blends futuristic and organic sounds. They continue to push this as the "Sound of Tomorrow."They were formed in 2011 by Joe Kay, Andre Powers, and Guillaume Bonte. Joe Kay is the host of Soulection Radio, which airs on the Net and on KKJZ 88.1 FM every Saturday at 3PM. In 2013 the program was #11 on MixCloud's list of Best Net Radio, and it continues to gain a reputation as being a steady source of great music. The synergy created by both being on the radio and enthusiastically embracing social media platforms by using Sound Cloud as their main music distribution channel has helped their fan base to grow dramatically.

LAKIM and THE WHOOLIGAN, two artists who are making waves on the SOULECTION label will perform in Japan for the first time. They'll join Tokyo-based SOULECTION affiliates Yukibeb, RLP, Licaxxx, DaBook and more to form a fresh line-up at S-SENSE.

HP: http://soulection.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Soulection
Instagram : @soulection
Twitter: @soulection
2015.4.24.FRI @ WOMB
DOOR:¥3,500 W/F&MEMBER:¥3,000