On September 13th 2015, TOKYO WONDERLAND will be held at Tokyo Prince Hotel. Summer may be over soon but festival season is not finished yet! This multi-area functioned event cannot be missed! Keep your dates open for the biggest, wildest party in the heart of Tokyo!

The location of TOKYO WONDERLAND is a place that has never been used before for a music event. It will be the new trending spot. It will be held at the pool and garden area of Prince Hotel Tokyo that sits right next to Tokyo Tower, which will shine bright in the sky when the sun goes down and the party goes wild.

Another thing to focus on is, the clubs in Tokyo that are partcipating. The top clubs in several districts of Tokyo: Shibuya, Roppongi and Ginza will be collaborating making this an event targeted for partiers in their 20s and 30s. These include three clubs, ATOM TOKYO, CoLoR TOKYO and GENIUS TOKYO. ATOM TOKYO is one of the hottest clubs in Shibuya that accomodates all music genres from EDM to Hip-Hop and R&B. CoLoR TOKYO is a club in Roppongi that rocks the dancefloor with songs on the Billboard charts and the hit top 40s. Genius Tokyo is a four-floored club in Ginza, with the biggest dance floor in Tokyo. TOKYO WONDERLAND is a collboration between these 3 venues.

Artist Line up has been announced! 

DJ Kaori, Minoru Ujita, DJ Passion and DJ Tora will make an appearance at the festival as guest DJs. They are all artists that represent Japan's dance music scene and a wide fan base overseas. With so many artists coming to this festival, we have picked up a few big artists that will be rocking the main stage area!


Minoru Ujita is a DJ legend and is also a resident DJ for GENIUS TOKYO. He is well-known for his DJ skills and produces music, as well as, riding waves (he's a surfer). Check out his DJ skills and performance that is bound to keep the crowd buzzing at the Music Wonderland area!

Guest DJ No2: DJ Kaori

DJ Kaori is the number one woman DJ in Japan. Her mix CDs have reached 450 million sales which was said to be impossible for mix CD sales and her mega mix performance is what shapes her branded DJ skills. Her performance has been well received not only by those in the music world such as Mariah Carey and P.Diddy but others such as basketball legend, Michael Jordan, and boxer Mike Tyson have offered for her to come to their parties to DJ! She's a hot DJ bound to be at any party!

Guest DJ No3: DJ tAisuke

DJ tAisuke started his DJ career in the early 2000s and worked his way up from Tokyo to the world. He has played gigs and clubs in other countries and has mastered DJ skills and techniques. That has led him to making free performances linking House and Techno, making the audience 'feel' the music using their five senses. He has played in big clubs in Tokyo such as ageHa, WOMB and camelot and has even released his own mix! Listen to it in the youtube link below!

Guest DJ No4: DJ TORA

DJ TORA is a resident DJ for ATOM TOKYO. He has played with big DJs such as Japanese DJ Daishi Dance and the one and only cake-throwing LA native Steve Aoki. Don't miss out on his performance that has been played as supporting artists for DJs worldwide!

Other headliners include Yask, kazuyuki, TOMOHARU, TSURU, MAMO T, akiyama ryota, KAZUMI who have played at several clubs in Japan and are sweeping the nation as dance music artists. Kazu T, Ayato, NEEZY, SHINTARO, MATCH, Kyou, fumiya, N4$TY, RISA, RE-DERA and Atushi are also scheduled ot perform. It's a non-stop party from noon to midnight, featuring so many artists that lead the dance music world in Japan!

Bubbles, Snow Showers and BBQ... the multi-facet area blocks!!


It's the biggest area within the Garden & Pool area where the guest DJs and headliners will be blasting music for the crowd! Beaming lights and the newsest sound technology systems will be installed to create the ultimate festive experience. Of course, the ultimate club kit of Ibiza, bubble guns, will be used for peak times to make the crowd go even crazier!


The Welcome Snow Shower Area will be located right next to the main area. It's a place where snow will be flowing with the mystic lightings to create a winter-like feel. Why not refresh yourself in the hot summer and emerge yourself into a snowland area to get an otherwordly feel and step away from the Tokyo sunlight.


This area will be located behind the Music Wonderland Arena. It will be the resting spot for party-goers with the trees and greenery giving a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. A drink bar will also be attached within the green space for those who need to re-charge.


This will be the main area covering the right hand side once you enter from the entrance gate. There will be bubble paradise in the pool area with beach chair decks to relax on at the pool side. Swimsuits and half pants is part of the dresscode for this ultimate pool space! Think of ULTRA pool party but in Tokyo the capital city of Japan! The sun, the bubble machine and crowd-engaging performances by Japanese DJs will colonize this area.


Just as you walk in to your left from the entrance gate will be the food court where you can enjoy all types of food. It's not just food but those who have reserved a course beforehand get to enjoy some BBQ as well! There are two courses, the Standard Course (5500 yen) and the Premium Course (7500 yen). You can enjoy beef barbeque, vegetables and all sorts of seafood!

For those who are wondering how to get to the venue, check out this map below!

TOKYO WONDERLAND will be updating its information on its SNS websites as well! These include its Instagram page, Twitter account and Facebook page so make sure to check them for further information!

You can also buy advance tickets which you can purchase below.