From the latest hits to the classic anthems, the app will recommend music suited to your musical tastes from our 1.2 million catalogue​.

Using "Stream Mode", the app will start streaming tracks on WASABEAT from over 10,000 labels. If you find a track you like, press on "Star" button to make the APP learn your musical tastes. The more tracks you star, the more the app will learn. You will have your own personalized music app which recommends tracks for you.

Hot playlists to check new and recommended tracks​

Using "Channel" Mode, you can listen to playlists on WASABEAT such as the "Weekly Pickup", "Top20", "WASABEAT staff selected original compilations", and DJ charts from TOP DJ's around the globe.

2 minutes of streaming for an unlimited number of tracks, plus full streaming for tracks purchased on WASABEAT​

Unpurchased tracks are available for a 2 minutes streaming, you can also use the scan bar to skip to your favorite part of a track. For tracks that have been purchased on WASABEAT, those are available for full streaming.

Check your "Starred" tracks any time on the app and purchase them easily on the WASABEAT website

The "Starred" track function will also act as a bookmark. "Starred" tracks will be listed on your "My Page" so that you can go back to checkout the favorite tracks again easily. The "Star button" is also linked with your account on the WASABEAT website, you can log on here and easily purchase tracks you have previously liked.

There are 3 Discovery Levels to help find old and new music, as well as high-level filtering by genre and period

You can set 3 levels of randomness on "Discovery Level". Each level will decide the frequency at which the app randomly streams genres. It also increases or decreases the amount of artists/labels that are not related to the tracks you have been listening to. For DJ's, "Genre mute" and "Era mute" can be used to filter out genres you don't want to hear, there are 15 main genres, 33 sub-genres, and 9 different eras to choose from.

A Full streaming subscription version is planned to launch in Spring 2016

WASABEAT is preparing for the subscription version which enables full streaming of all its music catalogue. More information will be available soon.
WASABEAT APP specification
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Price: Free

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