OWSLAでは珍しいバンドアーティストのHundred Waters
彼らの最新曲「Forgive Me For Giving Up」は、2014年以来の新曲となる。これは、本人たちによると、David Bowieへ捧げる楽曲なのだ。


forgive me 
for giving up
i've had enough
the birds are on their way to find me
finally free
i'll be gone when you reach me 
but listen closely
you'll hear me in the breeze
every leaf 
every tree
forgive me
for letting go
long as you know
there'll always be a way to find me
if you're looking you'll see
don't be sad
please don't frown, i'll be around
just promise that you won't forget me
remember me