Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh, who have been conquering the underground Romanian scene, have actually performed at LIQUIDROOM back in 2015. It was a legendary night that made it’s mark in the Japanese club scene. Everything about the night was a memorable one— from the atmosphere of the venue, to their performance and exceedingly passionate fans. Two years later, they are returning to Tokyo and performing at LIQUIDROOM again!

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This time iFLYER did an exclusive interview with RAHA— a leading DJ and organizer in the underground scene. 
iFLYER interview

IFLYER: First of all, let’s start with an introduction of RAHA, including his music career so far and his experiences at IBIZA. 

RAHA was a street dancer in the 90s— since then the world has been his stage. To this day he believes that the truth of dance music is on the dance floor. His experience living in Europe, including IBIZA, BERLIN, RUMANIA, changed him forever. He started his DJ career in 2008— as a DJ, his finds it important to maintain the groove and to keep his focus on the the dance floor.  In recent years, he has been getting offers from all around the world. “Beat In Me” is his main project at home and he often works closely with Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu and guys. This party is known to be the leading party in the underground scene, focusing on Romanian house music.

iFLYER: What is the story behind you working closely with RPR SOUNDSYSTEM? 

RAHA: I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard them play overseas— what I remember for sure is that I am blown away every single time! I started “Beat In Me” at AIR in 2013— it was the first party that focused on the Rumanian music scene. Back then, not many people were familiar with this music and we only had a few clubbers dedicated to the scene. From there we slowly spread the music by continuing the party as well as doing individual gigs. We believed in ourselves and stayed true to our music— and here we are now! We waited two years to come back to Japan as RPR SOUNDSYSTEM. The party we did back in 2015 had a lot of significance since the timing was perfect— we felt accepted and welcomed by our Japanese fans. We hope they are ready for us again! 

iFLYER: Please give the Japanese RPR SOUNDSYSTEM + DREAMREC fans a message to get them warmed up for 4/1!

RAHA: I can confidently say that these guys are the hottest in the music scene right now. Of course everybody has their own taste in music and that’s totally okay. However, with all that aside, I truly want as many people to come out and soak in their performance on April 1st. This day at LIQUIDROOM will be the best underground music party you’ll ever experience. Those who experienced RPR SOUNDSYSTEM two years ago and “Beat In Me feat. Rhadoo with Dreamrec VJ @ LIQUIDROOM” have personally told me that it was a life changing experience. Their music and performance has the power to touch your heart and move you both physically and emotionally. I hope to catch you on April 1st at LIQUIDROOM— see you on the dance floor!!!

RPR SOUNDSYSTEM(Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh / [a:rpia:r]) on April 1st at LIQUIDROOM. Only RAHA, who has had first-hand experienced with the Romanian minimal underground scene, can make this party a reality. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stimulate your body and mind!