1. It’s been 4 years since you released the last EP ‘Trigger Warning’, and you’ve just announced your new EP ‘Lost Souls’ will be out on 19th July! What can we expect from the upcoming EP?

Knife Party:
In typical Knife Party style, there are lots of different genres. They are our takes on the different sub genres of EDM. You can expect house, techno, big beat, dubstep, whatever people wish to call them, this EP has tracks in styles we are enjoying right now, as is always with our releases. 

2. In regards to the new EP, we know that you premiered ‘Ghost Train’ on your podcast in April, and we now know Martin Garrix played ‘Lost Souls’, so we’ve had the teasers! How has feedback been from the EP so far?

Knife Party:
Having just returned from Asia (Taiwan, Japan and China) the reception from the crowds has been amazing, as well as support from our fellow DJ’s who have been playing the new tracks. It feels really good to get the same high level of support after having been away for a short time, it means a lot to us. 


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3. I know it’s a completely different project to Pendulum, but when you play as Knife Party, what is the most exciting or difficult thing you’ve faced so far?

Knife Party:
The most difficult AND exciting thing is keeping the shows fresh. It’s really easy to continue to play the same old songs that worked two months ago, but you need to be on top of new music and new promos. That’s what keeps us excited about performing. It can be hard work to always keep on top of it because there are hundreds of new songs released in each genre every week.

4. Have you toured in Japan a lot, what do you love the most about Japanese fans and are you excited to play S20 for the first time?

Knife Party:
We have been to Japan so many times and seen many amazing parts of the country. We have performed at so many different festivals and shows, it is never less than amazing. Japan is one of our most favourite places to be, so without a doubt S20 will be incredible. 

5. Do you play a different set for different audiences? 

Knife Party:
Yes and No. The set is generally always structured the same, that structure is a secret weapon, it works everywhere in the world but that is just structure. Within the structure we will play different kinds of songs depending on the situation, the country and the audience. A set at a festival in South Africa is going to be quite different to a bottle service night club in Las Vegas. Some songs work everywhere and some don’t. The trick is knowing which songs are universal and which ones require the right time and the right place. 

6. If you had to sum up Knife Party using 3 of your songs what would they be?

Knife Party:
We like to think we’re defined by the last song we released, but there’s four being released on the 19th of July on our new EP so you can choose which of those three represent us the best.  

7. Could you please give us a message for your Japanese fans?

Knife Party:
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our fans and people of Japan.  We love you so much, we love coming to see you so often because you want us to. That makes us feel so thankful and blessed. If it wasn’t for 7/11 Tonkatsu sandwiches and your extreme excitement at our shows we probably wouldn’t be as happy as we are. Arigatō gozaimashita

Knife Party