Autumn is deepening and the end of the year is just a little over a month away, so if you still want to have fun in 2022, this is the party for you! If you are looking for a party that you can't miss in 2022, this is the party for you!

On Friday, November 25, ADS, the urban psychedelic trance party production team, and Grasshopper Records, known as a pioneer of the psychedelic trance scene in Japan, have teamed up to bring you the "SIBUYA RADIO" psytrance party at the popular night spot VIZEL in Shibuya, Tokyo. The psytrance party "SIBUYA RAVE presents X (X) Supported by ADS & Grasshopper Records" will be held at VIZEL.


For the live set, GROOVEBOX, who started his career as a DJ in Brazil in 1999 and has performed at numerous festivals such as SUNSHINE FESTIVAL and GREEN MAGIC in Japan and MUNDO DE OZ and OZORA FESTIVAL overseas, will appear! GROOVEBOX will appear on the stage!

The chaotic grooves of GROOVEBOX, a talented group active beyond national borders with releases on overseas labels such as CATALYST RECORDS and PHANTASM RECORDS, will make you feel the urge to dance...!

The DJs include HATTA, who runs Grasshopper Records, A&R/management, and has performed at festivals in 21 countries, and is one of the most popular figures in the Japanese scene.

DJ Tsune is a member of Candyflip, and in 2021 he will join Forestdelic Records based in Slovenia, Europe, and in 2022 he will sign with DMT, an entertainment team based in the Kansai area, as he continues to expand his world view.

In addition, HK, PONTA, WATARU, E.L.E, and Yoshy Wizer will connect trancy sounds all night.

VJ KOTA, who manipulates psychedelic and mystical swirls of extreme colors of light between digital and analog, sound and time, and Light & Lazer by Akira Ishiyama, will immerse visitors in a psychedelic, other-dimensional space from both auditory and visual perspectives! ......!!!

If you like psychedelic trance, you can't miss this event. Come dance the night away to psychedelic trance at VIZEL, a must-see box for lovers of quality sound and Good Vibe, right in the middle of Shibuya.

SIBUYA RAVE presents X
Supported by ADS & Grasshopper Records

Date: Friday, November 25, 2022 22:00 - 04:30
Venue: VIZEL 1F, 12-3 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Fee: Male 3,500yen/2D, Female 1,000yen/1D
HATTA, TSUNE, HK, PONTA, WATARU, E.L.E, Yoshy Wizer                 

■ VJ
VJ KOTA             

■ Light & Lazer
Akira Ishiyama