Diplo(ディプロ)がブラジルで Major Lazer(メジャー・レイザー)のセット中に起きた発砲事件についての声明を発表した。

Diplo は Major Lazer としてブラジルのカーニバルや国中の様々な場所でプレイしていたのだが、サンパウロでの公演時に発砲事件が発生、ショーが中断するというハプニングが起きた。イギリスの日刊タブロイド紙 The Sun によると、窃盗未遂事件が起こり、男女1人が撃たれたが命に別状はなかったという。

Diplo は怪我もなく無傷だったが、間近で起きたこの事件について Instagram で声明を発表した。Diplo はポルトガル語で



Fico muito triste em saber que pessoas foram feridas em um momento de alegria e felicidade como o Carnaval. Faz 20 anos que venho ao Brasil e foi a primeira vez que testemunhei qualquer tipo de violência. Mas não devemos deixar que isso acabe com a liberdade trazida pelo espírito do Carnaval. This is a tough country.. It's bullet proof, maybe even invincible.. Its definitely blessed.. We were actually ready 15 minutes later to get on and do a show for everyone in Sao Paulo just as we made sure the medical teams were good.. But that's when thunder and lightning started to pour down as if Brazil started to cry. I will see you next year Sao Paulo because you know we love you

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