Arne and Wayanʼs producing careers started as SPIRALLIANZ with a release on Spirit Zone in 1999. The following year they debuted the MIDIMILIZ Project and went on to start THE DELTA with Marcus C. Maichel from X-DREAM. Growing up in the Trance scene, they made the switch to the Techno Scene with EXTRAWELT in 2005, Releasing on James Holdenʼs Border Community and also Sven Väthʼs Cocoon Recordings the following year. Now, 16 years after they started making music, Arne & Wayan are some of the most influential and popular producers in the Techno Scene. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to interview them before their trip to Japan and see what they have to say. 

I just wished all music styles would get closer to each other again like it was in the early 90's but i guess that will remain a wish and i hope they don't separate even more.
I still remember interviewing you guys 10 years ago and at that time you were telling me about a new project you were starting called EXTRAWELT. So now 10 years later, you guys are one of the stars of the Techno Scene having played at almost every major Techno festival and club in the world. Since you guys started EXTRAWELT it seems that most of your focus and energy has been on that project and we haven’t heard much from your various other projects. How are the other projects going and how do you differentiate between all of your projects? Also, are you still working on the DER INTERPRET project?​

Since we founded EXTRAWELT the focus is mainly on this project and MIDIMILIZ and SPIRALLIANZ are more or less on standby as EXTRAWELT does not leave much spare time. DER INTERPRET was resurrected by Marcus and me last year when we finally found the time to be in the studio together again. Surely there will be more coming as soon we find time again. We don't think much about the differences and i guess there is more common ground than separations between them, we always felt free to do what ever we want with each of them. EXTRAWELT is mostly a bit slower in tempo but this was much more a result of our feeling and also an allover development in the dance music than an attribute to differ it from our previous projects.

You guys can be compared to MINOLOGUE / SON KITE in many ways, but the most obvious comparison, other than the fact that you are both a Duo and have both successfully released on COCOON RECORDINGS, would have to be that you both became popular in the Trance Scene, they with SON KITE and you guys with SPIRALLIANZ/MIDIMILIZ/THE DELTA/ etc., and then re-created and exceeded that popularity in the Techno Scene, they with MINILOGUE, and you guys with EXTRAWELT. 

When I interviewed SON KITE a few months ago for their new album release and Japan tour, they told me that from their point of view they donʼt really differentiate themselves by SON KITE or MINOLOGUE and donʼt like being labeled by genre. However, originally when they attempted to get bookings at Techno events, the organizers wouldnʼt book them because they thought that SON KITE was a Trance artist and didnʼt fit in Techno Events. So they created the project MINILOGUE as a way to escape from those associations and to be able to play their music for people without being restricted by peopleʼs stereotypes. 

Is this the reason you guys started the EXTRAWELT project instead of continuing as MIDIMILIZ as well? Or was there another reason for creating the EXTRAWELT project?

Actually it was a very spontaneous decision and not so much of a plan. The EP on Border Community was at first meant to be a MIDIMILIZ release and “EXTRAWELT” supposed to be the name of the next album but the EP had a different feel and i just thought that it might be a good opportunity to start something fresh. We couldn't possibly have planned what happened after but it certainly was and is a blessing. The path we took with EXTRAWELT was much more a natural process with its own dynamics. All the side effects that are attached with a new project just came along with it. The unprejudiced perception was very welcomed though and even may have released some new creative confidence to really be free in what we do. I just wished all music styles would get closer to each other again like it was in the early 90's but I guess that will remain a wish and i hope they don't separate even more.

Being a DJ and also having come from the Trance Scene, but playing music that is usually categorized as Techno, I often feel that there is an invisible wall between the Trance and Techno Scenes. But over the past few years Trance organizers have been trying to break down this wall and bring the scenes together by making Festivals that include not only Trance, but Techno and other genres as well. With this line of thinking, Re:birth Festival in Japan, where you will play both MIDIMILIZ and EXTRAWELT sets next month, is working to make a festival where people who enjoy music can get together and enjoy good music, regardless of genre and stereotypes. Is this kind of phenomenon happening all over the world or only in Japan? Also, in Japan, Techno Event organizers almost never make a Trance area or book Trance Artists for their Events. Do you think Techno organizers hate Trance Music? And if so, why?

There are a bunch of festivals and promoters who are going this path and we like it a lot actually. Although its mostly Psy- Trance promoters who are opening up for other music styles like the BOOM Festival in Portugal, the INDIGO Festival in Israel, SYMBIOSIS GATHERING in the USA, RAINBOW SERPENT in Australia and actually also the FUSION Festival in Germany too which has started as an alternative Trance Festival back in the days and has grown to one of the biggest, best and most diversified Festivals in the world. I really can't tell you why itʼs a one way limitation and techno promoters are not open to evolve to different styles. I guess everyone sticks to his established formulas and once they gain a certain level of success they are not brave enough to take any risks even in a creative way. I can imagine that the root of this might to be found in the past, after everything was one and somehow was developed out of the same seeds Techno, Trance, House, Breakbeats etc the different styles started to separate and many of its key figures, artists, record labels and promoters each thought they've found the holy grail of music and wanted to be different and ahead of the others. To a certain extent i guess even the music industry with its marketing and press is to blame too as they still try constantly to present something as the new big thing and hype it up in order to sell more although in fact it's just a copy or maybe a slight variation of something already existing.

Over the past few years are there any festivals that you have played at that have stood out in your mind as exceptional and would like to recommend? And do you have any bookings that you are especially looking forward to for this summerʼs busy Festival season? Definitely all the ones i mentioned above.. we had so many exceptional gigs that it wouldnʼt be fair to pick out just a few and also it doesnʼt really matter if its a big festival or a small club as long the energy is high and people are nice.

This summer we have quiet a lot of festivals again we are looking forward to, some we played already and like Love Family Park, Loveland, Sonne Mond & Sterne, Echelon, UAF, Symbiosis Gathering and also new ones we are curious about like Into The Woods, Forte Festival, Baum Festival, Lethargy etc.

Over the past 10 years you have been almost exclusively focused on the EXTRAWELT project and have rarely played any of your other projects. But this time, at Re:birth 2015, you will be playing not only your EXTRAWELT Live set but also your MIDIMILIZ Live set for the first time in a while. Is this a special one time only show for the fans in Japan? Or do you have new upcoming plans and other bookings for MIDIMILIZ in the future?

The MIDIMILIZ Live at Re:birth is a one off exclusive resurrection gig and will be fun but we don't plan to do that regularly. It fits nicely as it appears to be exactly that kind of versatile Festival we talked about before and i'm looking forward also to listen to my all time favorite Ambient DJ Mixmaster Morris or DJ KRUSH for example.

Wayan, being that your parents were involved in the very well established VOOV EXPERIENCE Open Air Festival in Germany for many years, you must have been exposed to the Music scene from a very early age, right? Can you tell us some of the things that you think have changed for better or worse over the past 25 years? And also, is there anything that has been protected and remained unchanged?

True, I was exposed way too early. By the way so was Arne. And surely a lot of things changed over the last two decades. I wouldʼn say it got better ore worse, just very different. When we started to go out electronic music was a niche not many folks were aware of and common people didnʼt even consider techno to be music at all. The difference from a rock or hiphop event was huge, techno people used to be very peaceful and less ego driven and it was without saying that you watch out for one another. Most important was that romantic „we are different but we are all one“ way of life which actually worked on some level. You could dress like crazy, be rich, poor, young, old, gay, straight, pretty or ugly... it literally didnʼt matter once youʼve shared the same dance floor. Being in our teen age, all that felt quite revolutionary. Today, electronic music is well established and even mainstream, thereʼs a lot of money involved and many productions are very professional. Which is a good thing as the quality of the productions increased dramatically in terms of sound, light and overall infrastructure but the “we are all one” thought is ultimately lost when people pay extra money to party in the VIP area. I guess itʼs the same evolution most art forms go through when they become common. The art itself continues but it is harder to find the originally attached attitude. None the less, our compassion for the music remained.

Arne, I would like to congratulate you on the recent birth of your child and would like to know how becoming a father has affected your music, touring and your life?

Thank you! Priorities have changed and it takes more planning as time is more limited than ever but i'm so happy and proud about this fantastic enrichment. This little fella is definitely my best release so far ;)

Do you have any upcoming plans for any of your other projects including EXTRAWELT?

With EXTRAWELT we'll be touring a lot this year again, working on new stuff and there are also some upcoming releases: 
• EXTRAWELT - Breaking Bricks EP / on Halo Cyan (plus Remixes by Ulrich Schnauss, Vril, Joey Beltram)
• Juno Reactor - Final Frontier (EXTRAWELT Remix) / on Metropolis & Wakyo
• Landside - Wasteland (EXTRAWELT Remixes) / on Just This
• Stephan Bodzin - Blue Giant (EXTRAWELT Remix) / on Herzblut
• Pan Pot - Optimistic Gray (EXTRAWELT Remix) / on Second State 

Recent release: 
• Glitterbug - Far Far Light (EXTRAWELT Remix) Notown / C.Sides

Please send a message to the fans in Japan who are eagerly awaiting your live shows next month. 

Konnichiwa everyone! So so so so so.. neee.... Looking forward to see you finally again, its been a while.
Ps: Yakiniku or Shabu Shabu?? ;) 

EXTRAWELT & MIDIMILIZ will returning to Japan next week for the first time in almost 3 years to play at Re:birth 2015 on May 9th & 10th at Futtsu Misaki in Chiba. With exclusive live shows of both EXTRAWELT Live and MIDIMILIZ Live, this is one festival not to be missed!! 


Re:birth Festival 2015
5/9/ & 5/10 @ Futtsu Misaki, Chiba, Japan
TIME: START 5/9 12:00〜CLOSE 5/10 18:00